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April 25-27, 2024

The Norman Music Alliance is seeking a part-time executive director. We’ve operated as a volunteer board since the first year, but we’re looking to hire someone to help us grow as a non-profit and as a festival. Details are below.

Please share with anyone that is interested!


Name of Hiring Nonprofit: Norman Music Alliance

Name of Job: Part-time Executive and Development Director

What city will this job be located in? Norman, OK

Position Description: Support the mission of the Norman Music Alliance: to help develop the arts community in Oklahoma through support of local original artists, support of music fans, support of art education and support of local businesses. This position will help the nonprofit and Norman Music Festival to continue to grow through fund development programs, long-term fundraising strategies, sponsorship campaigns and the VIP membership program. He or she will also be responsible for overseeing programs and strategic plan for the nonprofit and will report to the Board of Directors.

Position Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree required
• Past Executive Director experience
• Experience with events
• Experience leading fundraising campaigns and/or recruiting sponsors

Position Requirements:
• Responsible for leading the Norman Music Alliance in conjunction with the nonprofit’s mission as defined by the Board of Directors.
• Serve as ex-officio to each committee, seek and build board involvement with strategic direction to maintain the mission
• Creating and managing the annual fundraising budget and plan
• Developing strategic direction and planning in fundraising activities, sponsorship campaigns and membership drives
• Overseeing and completing sponsorship fulfillment
• Continue to grow and build community relationships in Norman, Oklahoma City and other surrounding cities
• Expected Time Commitment: 300 hours per year

To Apply for this Job: Please submit resume and cover letter to info@normanmusicfestival.com by Friday, November 20.