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April 25-27, 2024

Over the last eight incredible years, Norman Music Festival has grown from a fledgling one-day event, featuring just 27 bands, to a three-day Oklahoma tradition of original music creativity that showcases 250+ acts from every corner of the state! We’re proud of that achievement. But, honestly speaking, it has come with some compromise.

As a FREE volunteer run event, we had to make a choice 5 or 6 years ago. Do we remain small, and continue to pay every band? Or do we give the bands the choice? Ask if they would like to play for free just to participate and, consequently, grow the festival? The answer from our bands was an emphatic “YES, we want to play”.

So NMF grew and grew AND GREW to what we are today: the hub of original music creativity for the State of Oklahoma, and even a little bit beyond.

Each year we’ve found a way to pay a few more bands, and somewhere along the way we found donations to support the hospitality of snacks/refreshments for everyone. But we want to do better, and I know we can.

That’s where this Kickstarter project comes in. The singular goal of this effort is to pay each and EVERY performer.

We’ve set a realistic goal of $5,000, which would get us much closer to paying everyone at least enough to buy some gas, guitar strings, and drum sticks. If we’re lucky enough to make this target, our STRETCH goal of $10,000 could finally close the gap for good.

So, join us here, Tip The Bands, and get some cool rewards!

Quentin Bomgardner
Chairman of the Board
Norman Music Alliance Nonprofit Inc
501(c)(3) nonprofit
Free. Original. Oklahoma.