Kat Lock

Ranging from rock numbers to piano ballads, Lock’s music pushes against stereotypes not only within pop/rock genre structures but in greater society as well. Her songs flow directly from the eyes and ears of a young American woman navigating her 20s, and they prove time and again that these experiences can’t be boxed into basic “avocado toast” takes by out-of-touch gatekeepers. Maybe it’s the Mercury in Libra in her astrological chart, but her music considers multiple dialogues as it embraces the funny, the emotional, and the unpredictable, all qualities of modern life reflected in Lock’s technical and narrative turns.

She’s entertaining but not a sellout, confident but not a diva, serious about her music career but not pretentious about it. She’s a person, not a brand. Wherever the wind may carry her creative backbone, her voice will continue to reach audiences through honest songs and charismatic performances because, in music and life, Kat Lock gets that sincerity is key.