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April 25-27, 2024

Danny and Wil are Husbands. They got their start releasing 23 home-recorded lofi beach pop singles in a year. In 2015, they released Golden Year, a sunny, reverb-drenched collection of beach punk accompanied by Brian Wilson-esque melodies.

Now, for their new LP, After the Gold Rush Party (Cowboy 2.0 Records), Husbands adds no-wave, garage punk, and a little tropicália into the Husbands blend. Lyrically, After the Gold Rush Party soberly looks at life at 30, as Wil and Danny settle into jobs and ponder what it means to be punk rock (if at all) in 2019. In ATGRP, Husbands creates a grab bag of new, unreliable narrators and weaves in pop culture allusions in a fun yet unsettling postmodern mélange.

So far, “Mexico” has been featured on NPR’s Heavy Rotation and added to Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Feel-Good Indie Rock playlists.