NMF 22′: Johnny Manchild & The Poor Bastards

Johnny Manchild and the Poor Bastards is an American multi-genre ensemble founded by Johnny Manchild (composition, production, vocals, keys), and forming members Ethan Neel (drums), Ben Wood (trumpet), and James Thompson (bass).

Since its founding in 2016, the band took the internet by storm, with a unique conundrum of jazz idioms, ska, alt-rock, world music, and funk that prompted even Anthony Fantano himself (known as “The Only Music Critic Who Matters” by the NYT) ask “what gives them the right to be this good? ”

With 11+ million streams, 3 albums, and new sonic horizons to be crossed, the Poor Bastards have morphed into a collective of sorts with as many as 10 collaborators (affectionately “Bastards”) in regular rotation, with Johnny Manchild at the helm.