Wet Muscles

Stage IconMonster Energy West Main Stage

Stage Icon2:00 pm Saturday, April 29, 2023

Wet Muscles are an indie rock and dreamy pop band who have been creating and playing music around Norman, Oklahoma for the past two years. Beginning with the sessions for Selling Sunflowers and jams between friends “the muscles” have now played numerous shows and venues as well as having finished their first album “Patching Up” due to release April 14th, 2023. The band consists of Liam Hosty on guitar and lead vocals, Aiden “Amsco” Wilson on bass, Janice Koo on keys, synths, and vocals, and Ryan Hesselroth on the tubs. The four have been playing and forming a jam chemistry for years, and with the recent addition of Stephen Ranieri on lead guitar and vocoder and Brandt “Bagel” Davis on guitar, their sound has been filled out even further. The songs are formed out of danceable and pop sounding tunes often with a slight weird twist. The perfect soundtrack for a good time. 

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