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Stage Icon8:40 pm Friday, April 28, 2023

Sisteria is a thunderous new psychedelic band from Norman, OK, spearheaded by folk-singer-turned-rock-goddess Katie Williams. With an alliance of accomplished players at her side, she spelunks into deep, primal consciousness to reclaim buried treasures of the self. From the outset, the band unchains itself from streaming algorithms and expectations, choosing instead to feed the desires of the art itself. Naturally, this fits the nature of psychedelic rock to a tee, but it also captures the album’s themes of embodied spirituality.

Recommended if you like: Black Mountain, All Them Witches, Black Sabbath, Jefferson Airplane

“The songs on “Dark Matter” aren’t just collections of psychedelia or magical buzzwords to evoke some grand, drug-fueled vision. Williams is spinning time-honored fantasy folk tales of cosmic defiance in the western wastelands, but recasting the archetypical calm, sneering, and enduringly male main character with an Earth-mother protagonist, confidently emotional and encouraging, but with the power and resolve of an encroaching thunderstorm.” – Brett Fieldcamp, OKC Free Press

“With an invigorating take on psychedelic rock, Sisteria is aimed at being the next thing we all think of when Oklahoma is mentioned in casual conversations” – Kendra Beltran, ZO Magazine

“Katie Williams of the Norman, Oklahoma band steals the show with haunting vocals while the rest of the band churns out stoner metal riffs, creating a dark Black Sabbath stew of psych, doom and hard rock” – Glide Magazine

“It doesn’t conform to psychedelia, stadium rock, or the hippie era. Sisteria is its own blend of enchantment.” – Simon Smith, Higher Plain Music

“Com uma vibe extremamente forte, o rock apresentado em Wade My Way traz guitarras perfeitas, bateria sólida, baixo espalhando seus graves para todos os lados, uma intro de teclado fabulosa, além das linhas vocais mágicas, envolventes e poderosas da magnífica Katie Williams que dão uma cor todo especial a uma composição que já nasceu grande.” – Roadie Music

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