Nia Moné

Stage IconMonster Energy West Main Stage

Stage Icon11:10 pm Friday, April 28, 2023

Nia Moné is a LoFi, Jazz, and R&B singer based in OKC. Moné has a chill, jazzy vibe and Original Flow is a higher intensity rapper. They dovetailed the two grooves seamlessly.

“Now I love the versatility of what I’m doing,” Moné said. “I feel like I can express all degrees of myself in music. Not just through my singing, but the outfits I’m wearing. It’s a dream of mine I’ve had since I was really young to be able to do it how I actually want to. Not go a specific route, but just be me.”

“I take inspiration not just from several musical artists, but I also love painters and even architects,” she said. “Architecture has a frequency to it. Among vocalists, I like the diary-feel to Amy Winehouse’s music and how she was pulling her heart out to get over whatever she was going through. I also like Kings of Leon’s writing style, their strange analogies and how they even make those connections. I also love Afrofuturism and futuristic things.”

Moné is a songwriter who wisely writes about what she knows.


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