Kat Lock

Stage IconMonster Energy West Main Stage

Stage Icon8:00 pm Friday, April 28, 2023

Kat Lock is making a name for herself in the Oklahoma music scene with her heart-shaped sunglasses, leopard print aesthetic, and affinity for meme culture. After training classically in Broadway and Opera, Lock learned how to play “Hey Ya” by OutKast on guitar, played with indie band St. Basic for 2 years, and then started her solo career with the release of her first single “Hard to Find.” Now, she’s releasing her first EP – “You Again.”

How does Lock describe her musical career? In her OkSessions feature, she said,  “it started more as a meme than anything.” But all jokes aside, Lock’s new music is daring and sentimental, writing about things she’s never written before. Kat Lock is the perfect answer for fans of Rilo Kiley, indie rock, girl power, and Real Housewives of New York.

-Zoe Travers <oksessions.com>

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