Rainbows Are Free

Photo: Dylan Johnson

Rainbows Are Free formed in late 2007 as the conglomerate of several long time heavy rock n roll bands from Norman, OK. In February 2008, RAF self-released an eponymous demo. They began work on a full length album Belivers In Medicine which was released in April 2010 on Guestroom Records Records. The second, Waves Ahead of the Ocean, was released again by Guestroom Records in February 2014. The demo EP, Believers in Medicine and Waves Ahead of the Ocean were recorded at Bell Labs. The discography of RAF heralds a unique interpretation of a bygone era of classic heaviness, setting them apart from contemporaries with whom they have shared the stage.

“They’re from somewhere in Oklahoma. The part of Oklahoma that has UFO cults, bathtub acid, wizard robes, custom vans and amplifiers the size of refrigerators. There’s a good chance Rainbows will blow your mind for good, so use caution…” – Classic Rock Magazine