Psychotic Reaction

Psychotic Reaction is a Psychedelic Punk band Heavily rooted in blues, 60’s garage rock and psychedelia, 77 punk, surf rock, proto-punk/metal from Norman, Oklahoma. The band started as a 5 piece in the winter of 2006. After many line up changes the two original members Nolan Dacus and Robert Layton III and along side a various list of bandmates, spanning over a decade, have released 3 LPs and and two singles with multiple labels in the USA and UK(Tussin Records, Zanzibar Records, Red Fish Productions and Wet Dream Records(UK). They have toured North America several times over the past decade and played countless music festivals including Norman Music Festival (for the past 10 years), SXSW unofficial showcases (since 2013), Austin Psych Fest 2014, Goner Fest 8, Turkey fest 8, Wichita Psych Fest 2015, Denver Psych Fest 2015, and Tulsa Psych Fest to name a few. The band has also opened and shared the stage with acts such as Agent Orange, Earthless, Radio Moscow, Dead Meadow, Ty Segall, The Meatbodies, Holy Wave and Night Beats to name a few.