The Costanzas

The Costanzas have a fast and heavy sound with fun hooks: punk tinged rock n roll, profoundly influenced by the likes of Motorhead, Turbonegro, Zeke, The Misfits and The Hellacopters.

In 2015, The Costanzas released an EP titled “Bad Habits”, which the Oklahoma Gazette reviewed as “a high-speed crash course with mayhem; its chant-worthy lyrics and combat boot-stomping rhythms hit hard like a blinding, punk-rock crack to the jaw from the epicenter of a roiling mosh pit”

Longtime members Jimmy Costanza (vocals/bass), Snax (guitar), recently added Chad Hogue (drums). formerly of Rainbows Are Free, to the lineup.

The guys are currently gearing up to record a follow up, full-length release while staying busy with regional touring in MO, TX & KS and providing local support, opening for such acts as The Supersuckers, Cheetah Chrome/Dead Boys, Speedealer, Teenage Bottlerocket, Dwarves, Koffin Kats and Nekromantix.