Looking forward to your applications next year!

Please read all of the information on this page before beginning the application process.

Norman Music Festival is a 3-day festival starting Thursday, April 27 and ending Saturday, April 29.  We feature over 300 bands over 3 days with a crowd estimated to top 100,000 throughout the weekend.   Thursday night includes bands and activities indoors at our local venues and the outdoor Opolis stage from 6pm to midnight. Friday and Saturday adds 3 additional outdoor stages.  On Friday, outdoor stage programming and festival activities run 2pm to midnight, and Saturday all stages run from noon to midnight.

Attendees to the festival enjoy free concerts, films, and entertainment and stroll our downtown Main Street enjoying local craft beef and wine, food trucks, and the hospitality of a vibrant local business district.

Available Locations and Operating Times

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Available Locations:

Crawford Street just outside the Opolis Stage area

(self-contained food trucks only)

Time: 6pm to 1am

Friday, April 28, 2023

Available Locations:

Gray Street Parking Lot

100 Block of East Main St.

200 Block of East Main St.

Time: 2pm to 12AM

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Available Locations

Gray Street Parking Lot

100 Block of East Main St

200 Block of East Main St

Time: 11AM to 12AM

Booth spaces can support a tent or trailer. Water is available in the Gray Street Lot ONLY.
Vendors may be subject to additional fees for non-traditional electrical connections.

Electricity, Water, Setup, and Permitting

  • 120 volt extension cords less than 100’ need to be a MINIMUM of 14 gauge wire.
  • 120 volt extension cords more than 100’ need to be a MINIMUM of 12 gauge wire.
  • Electricity will not be provided day of event without prior notification.
  • Hookup for maximum 20amp 110volt electricity is available upon request prior to the request for Main St locations.
  • Hookup for 20amp or 40amp electricity is available upon request in the Gray St lot.
  • Water source is available only in the Gray Street lot; however, direct hook-up is not.
  • Vendors will need to supply their own hose for water hookup.
  • Tents, tables, and chairs are not provided.
  • Cleveland County Health Department – (405) 321-4048


  • Proper licensing required including a temporary food service license from the Cleveland County Health Department (requirements vary and
  • Inspections conducted upon setup
  • Inspection Fees are the responsibility of the vendor

Product Sales

  • Beverages – Food vendors may sell NON ALCOHOLIC beverages only and only in aluminum cans or plastic bottles or cups NO GLASS CONTAINERS PERMITTED
  • Recycling/Composting – We will offer a 10% discount on vendor fees for those vendor who use 100% COMPOSTABLE food containers, napkins and utensils
  • Ice – Ice will also be available on site at cost

There are no refunds for weather and food vendors must be family friendly. Thanks!