Glitterer was born in August of 2017, when the eponymous Glitterer EP appeared on Bandcamp. To some, Glitterer seemed to manifest the parallel identity, something between an alter-ego and a [...]

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Madeline Kenney

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Madeline Kenney keeps a soil-tethered root to the natural world in her art. A move to the Bay Area in 2013 plus a chance encounter [...]

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Mothica is the audio / visual project of McKenzie Ellis. Like a moth, nocturnal yet drawn to the light, her lyrics balance clever wordplay doting on intimate and often dark [...]

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Danny and Wil are Husbands. They got their start releasing 23 home-recorded lofi beach pop singles in a year. In 2015, they released Golden Year, a sunny, reverb-drenched collection of [...]

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Witty guitar guru Hosty entertains with a tour schedule of 250 shows a year. Hosty simultaneously tears through gritty slide leads, blows harmonica and or Kazoo and uses foot pedals [...]

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My new album “This world is so fragile and cruel I’m glad I got you” drops 03/28/19

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Paul Benjaman

Described often as "The New Tulsa Sound", Paul Benjaman Band builds on the classic sounds of their 70's rock heroes J.J. cale and Leon Russeell and pushes the boundaries with [...]

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"MONTU is an Oklahoma-based jamtronica act that’s been consistently building a name for itself in the Midwest and beyond. Based out of Norman, Oklahoma, the electronic-infused four-piece frequently takes their [...]

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Flock of Pigs

Flock of Pigs is a collective of forward thinking musicians with backgrounds spanning from classical to hip hop. They captivate audiences through rebellious anthems, future sounds, and electrifying performances. Their [...]

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