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April 25-27, 2024

My name is $ONRAE. I’m 21 years old. I’ve lived in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma my entire life & pretty much lived on every side of town throughout my life. I started rapping when I was about 12 years old but didn’t really start taking it seriously until I was about 16-17. Although I’ve always had a love for music I didn’t realize how much it meant to me until I started writing more vigorously. I drew inspiration from Drake, J. Cole, kid Cudi, Travis Scott, kanye west, Kendrick Lamar & asap Rocky . Also music has always ran through my family with my great grandfather, my dad, my cousin & some of my aunts on my moms side all were involved in music. So it was only fitting that music was something I fell into looking at my forerunners. I think what sets me apart from most artists would be my flow selections, style, rhyme schemes & wordplay, I don’t think you’ll find anyone else who sounds like me. Music is my scapegoat & I don’t know what I’d possibly be doing had I not found this.