Sometimes you’re a born storyteller. Sometimes it takes most of your life to realize you’re a natural.

Both are true for Oklahoma singer-songwriter Kalyn Fay. The Cherokee songstress grew up neck-deep in the Bible Belt, but found her unique voice after venturing beyond worship music. While finishing her undergrad degree in 2012, she began writing her own music and by 2013, she was performing and touring. An album said to be “capable of inducing tears with it’s harsh truths,” Bible Belt was released on June 10, 2016 through Horton Records.

Questions of faith and tumultuous love, deeply-rooted in Oklahoma, were the raw building blocks Fay used to develop her intimate, breathtaking songs. Somewhere between the vulnerability of Sufjan Stevens and the brash, beautiful sounds of Wye Oak lives this Okie starlet and a poetic soul wise beyond her years. She’s more than the Tulsa Sound. She’s how Tulsa sounds.