With a slide in her left hand and conviction in her voice, singer, guitarist, songwriter and interpreter of traditional folk forms, Elizabeth Wise, has indeed travelled the world and truly lived in it.

From the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and on up the James River; from the juke joints of Memphis and folk clubs in Manhattan to the wilds of New Zealand; and from her formative years playing piano and singing church music, to her coming of age as a fully formed folk artist steeped in traditions that trace their roots back to Appalachian hills, Kentucky bluegrass, and the blues of the Delta.

To quote esteemed songwriter and musician, Kenny White: “Faithfully carrying on the traditions of Elizabeth Cotton and Malvina Reynolds (with a dose of Bessie Smith, for good measure), Elizabeth Wise is a vital link who connects us to this fast fading golden era, and breathes new life into it.”