Mad Honey

Mad Honey is a dream pop band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Combining sonic textures reminiscent of Cocteau Twins, swooning ethereal melodies, and honest lyrics, Mad Honey brings a fresh new [...]

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Original Flow & The Fervent Route

The total love experience is here to alleviate your stress with the power of experimental Hip Hop. Blending other genres like r&b, soul,funk, and rock; we get you out of [...]

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Kalyn Fay

Sometimes you're a born storyteller. Sometimes it takes most of your life to realize you're a natural. Both are true for Oklahoma singer-songwriter Kalyn Fay. The Cherokee songstress grew up [...]

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Limp Wizurdz

We are a loud band from Norman, Oklahoma. We like to rock sometimes, and we like to roll at other times. Jeff, our guitarist, can do a backflip and has [...]

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Seth Lee Jones

Seth Lee Jones is a master luthier and guitar player from Tulsa, OK. Known for his one-of-a-kind handmade telecaster and his unique style of slide guitar, he has developed a [...]

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LoneMoon first got her start on Soundcloud in 2013 with music inspired by the electronic sounds of Deadmau5 and Madeon. Gospel, 80s pop music, smooth jazz, and classical music from [...]

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The Aints

The Aints, fronted by singer-songwriter Derek Paul, is an up-and-coming Americana band that follows in the Oklahoma tradition of quality storytelling and virtuoso musicianship in original songs. Mattress On The [...]

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Audio Book Club

“When Audio Book Club came out, I mistakenly thought they were writing about smut or porn which is not my thing. A few months ago I overhead a few older [...]

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Sativa Prophets

  Sativa Prophets are an American music and art group from Oklahoma City and have grown into a full octane live hip hop performance version of Vultron. Members include Igloo [...]

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The Imaginaries

The Imaginaries is an Americana band formed in the open plains of Oklahoma. Consisting of husband and wife duo Shane Henry (guitar, vocals) and Maggie McClure (keys, piano, vocals), their [...]

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