1. Johnny Manchild & The Poor Bastards

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    The seven-piece alt-rock group draws inspiration from multiple genres including rock, funk, jazz, blues, and ska, featuring a unique mixture of the typical rock band drums, bass, guitar, and vocals, as well as keys and brass- namely sax and trumpet with the occasional trombone, flute, and strings. “It’s like if you took angsty 2000s punk rock (think like Anthony Raneri from Bayside) and put it in a blender with Ben Folds style piano melodies, threw in some jazz, added in some smooth orchestral elements, and sprinkled in a little Rufus Wainwright for good measure,” according to OK Sessions. Hailing from the Oklahoma City metro, the band formed in 2016, including band leader Johnny Manchild (vocals, keys), and co-founding members: Ethan Neel (drums), Ben Wood (trumpet), and James Thompson (bass). Danny McGinn (trumpet), Chris Lashley (guitar, vocals), and Logan From (saxophone) joined the lineup to complete the Poor Bastards as we know them today.

  2. Helen Kelter Skelter

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    Norman, Oklahoma band Helen Kelter Skelter is everything good about rock ‘n’ roll. Guitarist and vocalist Eli Wimmer, bassist Aidan Mccool, keyboard player Jon Goodell, guitarist Tim Gregory, and drummer Scott Twitchell bring individual influences as varied as Hendrix to the Chainsaw Kittens, Nick Drake to Phillip Glass, and the result is a psych-tinged mix of instrumental mastery and thoroughly modern experimentation.

  3. Mayola

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    From 2004-2010, Mayola played through out the midwest developing a cult following along the way. Known as one of the best live bands in the state of Oklahoma during the time they were active, they deliver aggressive experimental indie rock, topped with a western twang, and rounded out with hooks that are hard not to chant along too. Some highlights of the band were getting too open for The Drive By Truckers at Cain’s Ballroom, and playing the Main Stage at NMF3.

  4. No Sun

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    Since their formation just a couple of years ago, Salt Lake City’s No Sun have been quietly crafting loud, confident, and modern shoegaze. Originally a solo project for singer/ guitarist Jordon Strang to experiment with, No Sun has since grown into a nuanced and voluminous four piece.

    In the tradition of Swervedriver and Failure, and contemporaries like Nothing and Pity Sex, No Sun’s debut album ‘If Only’ swells with walls of reverb and texture. It’s shoegaze for those who can appreciate the loudest and dreamiest aspects of the genre. Lyrically, the album leans mostly toward introspection and existential doubt, and Jordon’s coping with depression, anxiety, and love.

  5. Chris Combs Trio

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    New music from Chris Combs. Psychedelic original compositions influenced by Charles Mingus, Madlib, George Harrison, and J Dilla.


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    Twiggs is a 4-piece vibe-rock band originating in Nashville, TN. They are now based out of their home state of Oklahoma. They have been compared to bands such as The Velvet Underground and Brian Jonestown Massacre. “Hometown” recently awarded #8 Top 100 songs of the year. TWIGGS have opened up for bands such as BRONCHO and Moon Taxi.

  7. Special Thumbs

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    Originally formed by Oklahoma residents Joey Riley (vocals/lyrics/keys) and Patrick Greene (vocals/lyrics/guitar), who’ve been friends since junior high, the band takes its name from a passing conversation about finger painting. The moniker stuck and has since come to signify the band’s appreciation for all artistic expressions and mediums. Over the past couple years, Riley and Greene welcomed Ryan Magnani (bass) and Ryan McGuire (drums) to the line-up. And now, the four go by Chiefy Roon, Pablo Tortoise, Mufasa and Animal, respectively, on stage.

    Together, they create layered, thoughtful lyrics set against an atmospheric mix of textured synths, heady guitar riffs and moments of dissonant perfection. Think Cage The Elephant meets Spoon or Tame Impala crashes into Kings Of Leon blended with a dash of early influence courtesy of The Kinks and The Beatles.

  8. Net

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    Net is as synth-punk band from Oklahoma City, OK. They are Kyle Vasquez, Andy Escobar, John Baber and Tommy McKenzie.

  9. Kat Lock

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    “Few rising stars of late have made a splash in the music scene here as loudly and swiftly as Kat Lock. Savvy local music fans will have undoubtedly heard a fervent buzz around the name, thanks to both a loyal Gen Z fanbase and a gamut of enthusiastic press she’s received over and over and over again this year. That’s because an artist like Kat Lock doesn’t come along every day. Far more than a pretty face with a pretty voice, she has proven to be a shrewd artist in her own right since going solo after the demise of her first band, St. Basic. Her acclaimed new debut EP, You Again, is a brilliant, confident bunch of songs that couldn’t have come from anyone else.” -Make Oklahoma Weirder

  10. Lincka

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    Lincka is a Latin American Artist who works with producer Rat Fink and guitarist Salvador Chavez from OKC.