The Flycatchers

Stage IconSooner Theatre

Stage Icon8:00 pm Saturday, April 29, 2023

Change is difficult. Finding new roots when the landscape changes. Trusting enough to bury your roots deep. Not looking to others to determine who’s making the first move. Shutting out the noise and believing in your own voice. Disrupting the need for external validation. My process and lessons were my validation. Believing that there’s an audience out there that these songs are meant to serve. Success is born out of belief and the diligence to process it. I held on to every fiber of my experience and channeled all of the tension. Letting it shape me and this record into its most honest form. It is my most honest and vulnerable work. I held onto it as long as I could and it is now time for me to let go. Letters is now yours and your journey. – Chris

The Flycatchers is a band based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, consisting of singer/songwriter Chris Jones, guitarist Isaac Stalling, vocalist and songwriter Ken Pomeroy, percussionist Ethan Neel, and bassist Mike Rose.

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