Tequila Songbirds

Stage IconGray Street Stage

Stage Icon7:40 pm Saturday, April 29, 2023

Kierston formed Oklahoma female acoustic group Tequila Songbirds in 2014, who still perform intermittently as an energetic harmony-charged folk trio. During the covid 19 pandemic, music took a backseat to her work as a registered nurse in the intensive care unit in her community.

Swapping tunes with other Okie artists like Samantha Crain, John Calvin Abney, and John Moreland, Kierston has hosted heavy-hitting songwriters at her residency at The Deli in Norman weekly for over five years. Other guests have included Christy Hays, Ramsay Midwood, Ali Harter, Lilly Hiatt, Kaitlin Butts, Jason Scott, Carter Sampson, and Mallory Eagle.

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