Swim Fan

Stage IconMonster Energy West Main Stage

Stage Icon7:00 pm Friday, April 28, 2023

Originating in Oklahoma City around 2016, the band is comprised of Spenser Powers – guitar/vocals, Justin McCullough – bass, and Tremaine Wade – drums/percussion. 
 Together, they have been known to weave dreams of pop and waves of synth, perfect psych-tinged sounds for a punch bowl rooftop party or a pool lounge floatie veg session. 
 Influences include velvet curtains, old VHS tapes, and the one who got away. 
 Starting off 2023 with two new singles, “Doin’ Alright” and “Cruise,” the boys are bubbling up like a fresh pour of liquid courage, so kick back, relax, and drink in the soft grooves of Swim Fan.

“’Doin’ Alright’ feels like floating through a montage of moments from a past relationship from a 3rd person perspective. Some sweet and sentimental moments, others problematic in hindsight. The sounds, melodies, and harmonies feel like the space between the time of a heartbreak, and the present day having healed from it. The lyrics feel like the knowledge that you’ll never quite be the same, but probably in a good way.” – Joel Anderson, MD 
 Swim Fan is the name of a band called Swim Fan.

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