Kyle Reid & the Low Swinging Chariots

Stage IconGray Street Stage

Stage Icon8:50 pm Saturday, April 29, 2023

Kyle Reid is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, producer, and musical tech-nerd from Norman, Oklahoma. You can find Kyle performing solo or with his band, the Low Swinging Chariots, or playing pedal steel guitar for other talented singer/songwriters from Oklahoma. Kyle also runs a small recording studio where he records his own material, produces albums for other artists, and composes music for film and commercials. When not performing or recording Kyle is often designing and building cigar box guitars, synthesizers, and amplifiers that make occasional appearances in his performances and recordings.
In March of 2023 Kyle released his most recent album, “Tin Can Gramophone”, which he describes as an interstellar radio broadcast from the mad-science shed behind his house. His music is deeply rooted in New Orleans jazz and guitar instrumentals but his production/recording process is drawn from many modern and classic musical styles. This gives the album a sense of timelessness in two directions,  into the past, and into the future. One track will play like a back-room gin-soaked jam session in a depression era speakeasy, and the next track will utilize synthesizers and drum machines for its motive force. Kyle even re-imagines the classic Hank Williams Sr. tune “Your Cheatin’ Heart” with a Tom Waits slant. All other songs on the album were written by Kyle, and the recordings were engineered and mixed by Kyle.
For more information about Kyle, upcoming appearances, and to get his new album “Tin Can Gramophone” visit

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