Finite Galaxy

Stage IconCountry Cannabis Alley Stage

Stage Icon8:00 pm Thursday, April 27, 2023

Finite Galaxy is an Oklahoma-based bilingual rap duo formed in 2020 and overflowing with originality. Sun Deep, who was born in India and moved to the US in 2006, raps in Hindi and produces the majority of the duo’s beats. Flo St8, born in Indiana, raps in English. Sun Deep has produced for a variety of local talent. His unorthodox production style is a multilayered, intergalactic blend of lo-fi, hip-hop, and transient sounds.

Finite Galaxy’s music delves into topics that are relatable and real: from depression to finding yourself, from loss to happiness. The duo’s debut 12-track album, The Getaway, has been well received in the hip-hop community, and offers just a glimpse of Finite Galaxy’s talent.

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