Stage IconThe Garage / Winston Main Stage

Stage Icon3:20 pm Saturday, April 29, 2023

Indie Dream Pop band, Brotherboy, has been solidifying their sound since their inception in the early parts of 2020. Collectively amongst the four members, the band has played with each other in other capacities throughout the past five years, but it hasn’t been until recently that the band has gathered as a collective whole, working towards their own sound. What originally started as a creative outlet for the band members in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, has now developed into a more comprehensive desire to create spaces of introspection for others amidst the difficulties of modern life.

Based out of Oklahoma City, Brotherboy looks to bring the human experiences of love, loss, and all of the confusion in-between to their music. With an introspective writing style, and a consistent balance of bright and eclectic tones, the band is continually using music to help find new ways to to be in the present moment, and to invite their listeners to join in. Their centering, and layered sound keeps balance between being both calming and stimulating for their audience. Whether it’s in a living room, or on a stage, Brotherboy provides a sound that is both familiar and upcoming.

The band filmed, and released their “Harvey Live Sessions” over the course of the Spring of this year, and will be releasing their first EP, “Pinch Me Again” at the beginning of the Summer of 2022 on all major streaming platforms. After this, Brotherboy plans to create in the studio throughout the year, working toward a release of their first full length album.

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