Blue Morrison

Stage IconGray Street Stage

Stage Icon6:20 pm Friday, April 28, 2023

Late night lonely bedroom musings twisted into whimsical, happy-go-lucky rock and roll. Blue Morrison is an Oklahoma City based singer-songwriter backed by a trio featuring previous members of DEERPEOPLE, Bad Jokes, and Call Boys.

It isn’t that Bradley Morris is deceptive in his songwriting, tucking away dark concepts inside sunny guitar riffs and upbeat indie rock arrangements. After all, the mischief in his vocal melodies, atypical in structure yet endlessly catchy, already directs a knowing wink to the irony in his artistic process. No, these are songs that tend to start in all seriousness but are then transformed through music into playful, lighthearted banter. In this way, he takes back some of the power stolen by the demons in the night. 
 Blue Morrison is the new coffee pot that has been energizing his songwriting into new full-band rock songs, and it has been brewing for a while. Featuring well-versed musicians like Alex Larrea (Deerpeople), it fills the void left by the disbanding of Bad Jokes, a prior Morris project that earned a spot in this blog’s top 10 songs of 2018 for its playful take on the delightful and the disturbing. This time around, Morris seems to want to hit the ground running and make more than a lasting impression. This looks to be the permanent banner for his solo-leaning work going forward, and the intent with which he has been rolling out new music has been methodical.”

-Evan Jarvicks (

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