Audio Book Club

Stage IconThe Garage / Winston Main Stage

Stage Icon4:30 pm Saturday, April 29, 2023

Audio Book Club is an indie rock band from Oklahoma City. Zach, Adam, Derek, Dylan, and Billy met playing shows and drinking the occasional beer together in various bands in the OKC metro area. They joined forces to create a project that was fun, relatable, yet a bit left of center. Inspired by Talking Heads, Devo, Gang of Four, and the Darkness, their sound is a little new wave, a little pop, a little rock, and everything in between.

Audio Book Club’s two released EPs What if We Got Buff? and Houston, I am a Problem were written in two back-to-back, whirlwind sessions. The lyrics and production are heavily inspired by reality and scripted television (specifically The Bachelor, if you really want to know), film, historical events–anything about the screwed up American dream. Each song is written from the perspective of an outcast, a villain, an arrogant and self-destructive Byronic hero who’s skewed experiences fuse together to symbolize the frustrating and humbling complexities of coming of age in your early and mid twenties.

By the way, if you like choreographed dances and leaf blower experiments, check out the music video for ABC’s latest release “Boots.” It’s blissfully chaotic and does not disappoint.


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