Food Vendors


Food Vendor Terms and Conditions

1. All vendors must provide one Certificate of Insurance.

2. All space rentals are subject to availability.

3. Absolutely no open flame cooking or heating of oil will occur under any circumstance under any food vendor tent or canopy or too near thereby.

4. Space permitting, cooking areas behind food tents will be approximately 5’ x 10’.

5. All load-in and load-out and timing and parking will be in accordance with Festival procedures.

6. All Food Vendors are required to remain open for sales during ALL show hours, no exceptions.

7. Only pre-approved items may be sold. No last minute additions without approval from Norman Music Alliance.

8. Participants are responsible for set-up, clean up and security of their own booths.

9. All Food Vendors must comply with Cleveland County Health Department regulations at all times.

10. Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited in booth. Consumption of alcohol before or during the show hours by food vendor participants and all staff members is prohibited.

11. NO drug related items to be sold or brought onto the Norman Music Festival premises. There is a zero tolerance for this condition. A violation of this condition will result in immediate removal from the show and NO refund will be given.

12. REFUND POLICY: No Refunds due to bad weather or acts of God. Refunds will be considered ONLY if a written request is received two weeks prior to the event. A cancellation fee of $200.00 will be deducted from all refund checks.