When The Clock Strikes

Longtime college friends Daniel Basden and Steven Walker joined forces in 2014 as When the Clock Strikes. Joined by Blake Westerby, the trio brings their unique flavor of skate punk from Tulsa, Oklahoma to stages and speakers everywhere. Rick Jamm of Jammsphere Magazine wrote, “The lyrics are intriguing, metaphoric, and at times ironic. The songs are intense, loud and brilliantly arranged, with excellent vocals. If you’re looking for an evolution in punk, look no further than When the Clock Strikes.”
In 2018 the band released their 3rd EP, Overnight. Basden, the band’s vocalist & lyricist says, “To me, one of the themes of this record is that adversity is certain. We expect the darkness that follows the sunset at the end of every day. In the same way, disappointment, tragedy & suffering are a predictable part of our human experience. How can we respond in these “overnight” moments? Do we laugh at the absurdity? Can we hold to some form of hope? Are we afraid, or perhaps bitter?”