Despite his upbringing, Warrbuckss grew up listening to old-school West Coast rap and writing raps and poems. His enthusiasm for music led him to DJ at parties, where he would “rap to instrumentals for fun.” In 2009, he started playing live shows.

Warrbuckss stands apart from the crowd both for his laid-back flow – influenced by MCs like Snoop Dogg and Devin the Dude – and for his all-encompassing lyrical subject matter. He’s written songs about fatherhood, sexual exploits, his weight, and his age.

So far, audiences are responding in a big way. Warrbuckss’s tracks have cropped up on blogs from around the world, and he’s attracted new fans by appearing as a warm-up act for national headliners like Ke$ha, Killer Mike, and Asher Roth. The hard work Warrbuckss has put into putting his music into the world has paid off.