Trash TV

Trash TV is a 3-piece hip-hop act from Oklahoma City. Started by Ronnie “Rage” Meyer (The Righs, Blank Stare, DFG), Trash TV soon grew to incorporate producer/songwriter Tim “TOMB” Burgess (The Transit Message, Zoot Suit) and most recently Nebraska native Robby Anderson (Rachel Brashear, Boketto, Zoot Suit) on drums. Since their debut, Trash TV has performed all across the Oklahoma City Metro area, appearing on bills with acts like Jabee, Josh Sallee, Space4Lease, Millie Mesh, and Chief Peace to name a few. Trash TV performed at ACM’s Metro Music Fest 2016, Twisterfest 2016, and Backwoods Musical Festival later that summer. Trash TV has one EP available online for free in addition to a full length album due to release in spring of 2017. Trash TV was Oklahoma Gazette’s Woody Awards 2nd Runner-Up for best Hip-Hop in Oklahoma 2016.