The Gussissin

Drawn together by sub atomic forces in the late 90’s, Beau Jennings and Johannes Turner started “making” music together on an old Tascam 4-track. Quickly realizing the power of the connection they shared, the duo continued to press the record button to capture the magic, and dubbed themselves The Gussissin.

After a down period in the early 2000’s, the duo was brought back together by something one could only call a chance encounter and decided to bring back the magic. Soon to follow was The Gussissin’s first full length release “Self Titled” with the second release “Blue Rain” to soon follow. The duo started work on their third release “Between Bridges” in late 2009. With the long awaited release of “Between Bridges” scheduled for mid 2011, the duo put together the first live band to play The Gussissin’s music in the Oklahoma City area.