The Girls Room

The Girls Room is a girl fronted band led, and with music written by, Jay Derubeis (Electric guitar/vocals) from Tulsa OK! The band changed from being called The Done Duns and had members of the dull drums in our band. We were active for a year then the lineup changed around a bit after a 7 month break to what is now the girls room. We are very involved in the music scene around Tulsa. We play most weekends at in an out of townshows. We are headed to play a two day festival at Backspace in Fayetteville this weekend! Our drive and work ethic as a band is reflected in our stage presence and music. The daddyos are great friends of ours and have always been a girl inspo! We played our first ever done fund show with them and then this past weekend played a cover set for Halloween as The Cramps while one of the Kylie’s did Nirvana, it was fu n! We are working on recording a full length. We are taking our time on this record and letting our ethic flow through the production of that as well.