Ten High

Ten High, a four piece garage punk band formed in 2014 , out of Fayetteville, AR, are starting to make a name for themselves in the south. Their dirty psych punk sound is quickly making them a favorite among lovers of rock n’ roll and trashy, hooky garage punk.

Ten High has been off to a great start these past few years, playing with bands like Aquarian Blood, Manateees ( both on Goner Records), Audacity , Pujol and White Mystery(label mates through Greenway records). Their very first EP had a mention on Pitchfork. With up and coming NYC label, Greenway Records, picking them up on their last record, they’re sure to continue to make waves with upcoming shows and releases. This band makes use of both male and female vocals together, setting them apart from the get-go in a genre of predominantly male singing. Set to record their 4th EP in December and tour in the Spring, be on the lookout for these hard hitting garage punkers!