Sun Riah

Sun Riah is an Oklahoma-based experimental harpist, vocalist, and songwriter. She runs her harp through effects pedals, loops and layers harp sounds, sings into the soundboard of the harp, and drums on the harp to create a percussive and rhythmic pull. Utilizing these loops and layers, Sun Riah creates complex musical textures that accompany her poetic lyricism and unique melodic phrasing creating a sound that is rich with emotion. Paste Magazine listed her as one of five harpists who nail experimental pop music, and her debut album, Firefly Night Light, has been hailed “a landmark album for Oklahoma music” by Oxford Karma. Influenced by a wide range of music, Sun Riah has developed a reputation for blurring genre boundaries, and her live performances have been characterized as otherworldly and intensely vulnerable. Literati Press writes, “Sun Riah is as much an art project as a music project, if indeed there is even a difference.