Speak, Memory

SPEAK, MEMORY are living proof that raw talent, ambition & honesty can still prevail. Formed in 2011, by aligning their unwavering dedication to the DIY work ethic with a signature sound not only reminisce of the past but also adding twists and turns to still make it their own. Stylistically eclectic songs are what make SPEAK, MEMORY stand out from everyone else. SPEAK, MEMORY’S songs Entity & Selfish are featured on various compilations, including #BernACopy, in which proceeds went to Bernie Sander’s campaign. Their music has been played & mentioned by the SPYFM radio show through KOSU, the local NPR affiliate, The Oklahoma Gazette & St Louis Underground Podcast. Speak, Memory are also featured in one of many videos put out by the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau’s campaign ReadyToOKC to help promote & highlight many of Oklahoma City’s most unique attractions. Their songs are also included in “District Up!” which can be seen at many film festivals.