Speak, Memory

SPEAK, MEMORY, consisting of members Tim Miller ( guitar/keys/effects ), Cody Fowler ( bass, also a member of HORSE THEIF ) & Jonathon Thomas ( drums ), are living proof that raw talent, ambition & honesty can still prevail by aligning their unwavering dedication to the D.I.Y. work ethic with a signature sound. Stylistically eclectic songs suggesting a range of influences are what make SPEAK, MEMORY stand out.

“There are a lot of technical players who don’t have an ear for aesthetics. That isn’t the case here.” – The Equal Ground

“This trio knows how to hit a tune, work their magic, & then get out before it gets repetitive.”” – The Independent Clause

“Many of the instrumental rock genres rely heavily on keys & strings, but Speak, Memory pulls off listenable instrumental rock with the classic three-piece band, sort of an homage to its post-punk roots. The band is much more diverse than any post-emo subgenre could describe.”” – Greg Horton, The Oklahoma Gazette