Softaware was first conceived in 2014 after Colin Nance (lead vocalist / guitars / keys) decided to branch off and form a full fledged band around the many musical ideas floating around in his head. From there, Tony Mahon (percussion), Pilar Guarddon (keys / backing vocals) and Steven Worlow (bass / backing vocals) joined the fray and have been touring and writing music with the band ever since.

Softaware have just released their debut album “Networks”! Throughout the 14 track offering, organic elements and textures dance around lush synthesizers to tell stories of humans interacting with other humans through a digital filter. Just as the organic and electronic elements unite and dissolve, so do the experiences we as humans have with each other and our technology. Nathan Poppe from The Oklahoman describes the album as a “digital swelling that explodes with a cathartic exclamation point”.