Ryan Drake’s 90s-00s Party

Ryan Drake is the reason that #MCM was invented. Currently living the dream in Oklahoma City, he is a 28-year-old comedian, DJ, writer, event planner, and radio host. In 2004, he lost his virginity at a party while the song “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” played in the background. He created and hosts two shows for The Spy/KOSU and throws nostalgia dance parties in OKC that continue to gain a larger audience every month.

In 2015 he released his debut comedy album “Drinking Games For One Person” and is still waiting patiently waiting for it to go platinum (it’s available on iTunes!). He is also a personality for Oklahoma’s most notorious local/social blog, The Lost Ogle, and a board member of the Blue Whale Comedy Festival. He has a perfect dog named Zooey and attends the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival every year.