Riccy’s journey and emergence into hip-hop began at an early age, with his mother constantly listening to various hip-hop and r&b while growing up. At the age of 17, Riccy’s father left the household for legal reasons, leaving Riccy, his mother, and his siblings to live with his grandmother. In order to deal with life, he turned to writing lyrics to cope with his thoughts. Riccy mainly played with the idea of creating music for two years before going to college. After connecting with his dorm neighbor, who also made music, Riccy realized music was his passion and began working on small pieces here and there. Upon graduating college, he found out an old friend was going to school for engineering. The two got together shortly after and started working on Riccy’s first album, “The Realist Romantic”. Riccy is hoping to challenge ideologies with his music and inspire others to question everything that is presented to them throughout life.