Puddin Taine

Puddin Taine started jamming it’s way into the hearts of many from the rooftop of Cool Beans – Bar and Grill in Denton, Texas. It was from those late night sessions that we forged an eclectic funky/dance-able/rock-ish sound from the influences of Les Claypool, James Brown, The Doors, and Madonna. After developing our chops and chemistry as the backing band for Open Stage, a former variety show in Richardson, Texas, we came to the not-so-sudden realization that we don’t suck. Thus, Puddin Taine was born!

We’ve been making the rounds in Denton, Texas playing at the likes of: LSA Burger Co., Andy’s Bar, Dan’s Silverleaf, and Harvest House. In Dallas, Texas, we’ve been slaying at the likes of: The Curtain Club, Deep Ellum Arts and Jazz Fest, the House of Blues, and Sundown at Granada. With Bret “Bass Taine” Crow on bass guitar and vocals, Brandon “Wild Taine” Dowd on vocals and trumpet, Brandon “Sweet Taine” Arthur on electric bellyfiddle, and Zack “Bang Taine” Haygood on drums.