Odessa I Reign

Odessa I Reign is a young girl born into a family of music and fashion in Oklahoma. With a mother who was raised singing in church choirs and a father who was a full on musician practicing numerous instruments including his voice it was natural for Odessa to take interest in music at an early age. She was given her first microphone at the age of 3, and has been singing since she can remember. She wrote her first song in the third grade and first rap in the fourth grade, which you could catch her and her hype man spitting at recess. Odessa continued her interest in music throughout school singing and dancing in showcases and talent shows every chance she could. As a young adult Odessa realized she had practiced to be a musician her entire life. She recently started performing locally, and released her first project. Now all that is left is for the world to witness her embark this journey to the top.