Noun Verb Adjective

Noun Verb Adjective is a 5 piece lo-fi / pop band consisting of members Chris Rusk, Evan Inman-Butts,Ben Kindell,Matt Torbett, and Jonathan Ainley.

“Pulling a page from John Waters’ playbook, Noun Verb Adjective is certainly the oddest band in Tulsa’s garage rock scene. Look beyond the muumuus, ill-applied rouge, blood and fireworks, and dig into the group’s blown out indie-freak stylings.” -Mitch Gilliam (Tulsa Voice)

The past few years the band has played around Tulsa consistently, playing shows such as the Tulsa Overground Film Festival, as well as out of town shows in Kansas City and Wichita. The group also released two new singles, “Starlight” and “Creepy Sex.”

Noun Verb Adjective shows are anything but boring. When you go to one of their shows, expect a fun and entertaining performance filled with confetti, fake blood, lights, hand puppets and other odd objects!

Members of N/V/A also perform in other local acts such as La Panther Happens,Swap Meat, & The Ruskettes.