Marrell Jones

Marrell Jones is a rising rap artist hailing from Oklahoma City by way of Los Angeles. Since 2013 Jones has been performing across the southwest introducing his grunge-esq and flavorfully unique style to crowds big and small. Jones has created a buzz garnering a strong and loyal fan base ranging from Paris to Hollywood, California. Jones offers a dark and seductive foundation on his quick and witty lyrics, weaved together with a confident and aggressive tone and his willful disregard for the mainstream hip hop culture. Creating a new sound and style of his own, Jones is incomparable to any other figure in Hip-Hop today, making him a brand of his own. In 2014 Jones gained recognition from the highly credible Hip-Hop source,, and in 2015 he once again reminded everyone of his heavy hitting lyricism and creativity with his most recent project, “Motel”. Jones has made his mark in the Oklahoma Hip-Hop scene and is on track to becoming a juggernaut in the Hip-Hop community.