Mainframe Trax Family

The Mainframe Trax Family is a collective of people who came together with an undying love for hiphop and great music all together. Coupled with a true value of family and friendship, Mainframe was born. Reppin Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Mainframe is armed with exceptional and timeless music to bring to the world. Art that is from the people and for the people. From emcees to producers, people, experiences, love, struggle…it’s all in there and much more… take a ride on the locomotive. MAINFRAME!!!! Members: A.D. Trax, Element Life, The Indelible And 1, Epitome

Mainframe has opened for artists such as: Talib Kweli, fabolous, lil scrappy, tyrese, & CROOKED I. Mainframe was the Winner of the coast 2 coast industry mixer in okc IN 2012. On april 21, 2012 the inauguRal “gReaTesT show on eaRTh” concert series featuring mainframe trax family and g.r.i.p. records was an epic display.