Jesse Strange

Jesse Strange is the musical alias manifested when this peculiar performer takes the stage as he delivers powerful and energetic sets that leave the crowd begging for more. Jesse, in 2 short years, has become an Oklahoma sensation and has successfully dominated the dance music scene in Oklahoma. Playing shows all over the state in top dance clubs such as Frequency, Citywalk, Club Albee, The Underground, Red Ultra Lounge, Vanguard Tulsa, Electric Circus, Kamps Lounge, Social Nightclub, Community Bar and Vape Lounge, and Cain’s Ballroom, and Nevada Max’s just to name a few. Jesse delivers sets that are always diverse and eclectic, catering to the needs of the crowd and forever changing to accommodate their musical thirst. MUVE Magazine quotes, “Jesse Strange Delivers an Energetic, Transcendent, and Memorable performance every time.”

Jesse has accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time, landing shows that have taken some years to accomplish. In November 2012, Strange headlined one of the biggest weekly dance parties in OKC known as Robotic Wednesday. In 2013 Jesse was brought to Wichita, Kansas to headline for Nocturnal By Nature’s DTF event. Shortly after he opened for Archnemesis, which was his first major headline show, and after was Dieselboy. Strange also played at the 2013 Euphoria Music Festival in TX and, upon return to OKC, was confirmed to open for Zeds Dead in May. In the summer of 2013 Jesse had the opportunity to play with several names like Candyland, Gladiator, Two Fresh, Codes, The Floozies, Jen Lasher, DJ Micro, BARE, DJ Fergie, Eoto, Datsik, Designer Drugs, Baauer, DJ ICEY, DJ Love, Crystal Vision, Kids at The Bar and many others.

Stranges primary musical focus is on dance music although he strives to be an open format DJ in order to remain flexible to any crowd. He has found influence in his music from artists such as Deadmau5, Skrillex, and Armin Van Buuren just to name a few. He pulls attributes from each artist from the careful, emotional attachment and flow of the music to the energy on stage to keep a crowd hyped and moving. Jesse seeks inspiration from all backgrounds of music, ranging from classic rock and hip hop, to classical music and country. He is always feeling there is something to learn from every artist in order to expand and grow his musical skills as a DJ.

In 2014 Jesse has been ranked in the top 5 DJs in the state and steadily increasing each day. Having signed with AdictiV Records, Subkulture, and HAVOC, Jesse has gained the support from the labels as well as their artists and other artists in the midwest. Forever expanding and looking for new musical possibility Strange, has taken to the production side of music creating his own bootleg and mashup edits released on his SoundCloud. Reworks of names like Knife Party, Evanescence, and Hypercrush have been made and posted. 2014 has not only been a great year for music for Jesse but the events he has been a part of as well. Jesse was able to play at Oklahomas first 2 day EDM music festival Mystik Sanctuary. Strange also headlined at Insomnia Afterhours in Dallas TX and is currently scheduled to open for Life In Color in Oklahoma City at the end of October.

Jesse believes the crowd is the driving force behind any good artist. Without the support and love of friends, family, and the fans… There would be no great music today. With that in mind, Jesse strives to push himself to be the best in the business, constantly making new connections and friends along the way, in hopes of someday reaching the stars with his music. The sky is the limit in Jesse’s eyes, and he intends to reach it.
Jesse Strange has a wide variety of music ranging from electro to hip hop. this DJ doesn’t play music he plays the crowd. He reads the crowd and bases his song choice on them. the energy put into his mixing is phenomenal and is unparalleled by none other. Personal preference is electro, house, and the latest dubstep. However this versatile young mind is not afraid to go outside of his comfort zone and make thing stranger than they already are to please the crowd. He loves what he does and make no mistake he thrives on the crowd. This conquering young mind is astounding and relentless with every track making precise mixes with the utmost accuracy to ensure proper key, phrase, and most of all basslin match accordingly and truly shocks the crowd with his unmistakable effects and spectacular performance comparable only to a jackrabbit having a seizure.

Hyper and energetic Strange wastes no time and holds nothing back while playing he tries his hardest to put as many tracks in a set so not to leave any genre untouched, yes even country 😉 while maintaining a godlike energy through the speakers. he will most certainly become someone to see and definitely a face to be recognized in the modern dance scene.