January 6,1986, Joe J-Cynical Cooper was born in Norman, OK. At age 2, he formed a true love for music. From the age of 7, he was often involved in choir. He started making instrumentals at the age of 12, practicing on Playstation’s MTV Music Generator and graduating to other formats to make beats. Age 13, he developed his freestyle rap skills. Age 15, he met his childhood friend, Lyrical Dre, in high school. Lyrical Dre had been writing his lyrics in school, which ended up inspiring J-Cynical to write at age 16. It was two years later he put out his first album Lyricollogy in 2004, produced by PoeticCc Tha Prophet. 2006, he suffered the tragic loss of his mother and put out his second album Tha Survivor Within Good Or Bad. 2008, he put out Tha Excorcizm 08 Mixtape. He took time off for personal reasons until 2012’s album came out titled Tha Swizzlehead. Now he’s coming back with a new upcoming album titled OklaHOMEa scheduled to hit early 2018.