“Harrumph” — an expression you might remember from “Blazing Saddles” — actually means to say something disapprovingly. But Harumph with one R, a brand-new jazz/pop combo from Norman, is considerably more congenial.” – The Oklahoman.

Founded in 2015 by David Leach (Piano), Harumph released a self-titled EP recorded by Travis Linville. After an active year of touring, the band visited 115 Recording in Norman, OK and recorded a full-length album with Grammy-nominated artists John Fullbright and Wes Sharon – release Feb. 24, 2017

Leach – who performs regularly with Kyle Reid, Travis Linville, Samantha Crain, and has also appeared on The David Letterman Show with John Fullbright – started the band with Lead Singer/Guitarist, Kate Dinsmore. “When it came time to form my own group, I wanted to create an Americana sounding band that emphasized my love of jazz.” The band also features Marcus Spitz and Kiel Dehnert from Pidgin and Aaron Daniels.