Haniwa is an experimental power pop band based out of Oklahoma City consisting of singer/pianist Dylan Walling, singer/multi-instrumentalist Shirley Sanders, guitarist Shawn Stafford, bassist Tyco Holloway, and drummer Jake Jones. The band formed in 2013 and released its first album in the winter of 2014. This first album would best be described as a labor of love recorded with a single microphone in a garage. Their second release, Violent Sun, was released in the Summer of 2017 to very positive reception. “Every track on this album is dynamic and well led by either female or male vocals.” writes TheProfessorMark from theprogressiveaspect.net. Both the dual led female/male vocals as well as the bands heavy hitting lyrical content blend inside a chamber of guitars and synths, manifesting in a handshake of form and function. Some of Haniwa’s notable events include Ada Fest, AMP fest and Norman Music Fest, and will be aiming to start touring spring/summer of 2018.