Ghost Data

Born in 1992 in Watertown, NY, electronic composer Xzaviyer Hoffpauir began producing music at 19 after becoming bored with DJing. Influenced by the unique sounds of video game composers like Nobuo Uematsu and Shoji Meguro, as well as electronic acts like Purity Ring, Porter Robinson, and deadmau5, he would begin an almost 4 year journey discovering his own unique sound; his first production alias under the moniker Ikaros.

He would soon adopt a love for melodic, atmospheric, and cinematic works with his release of Girl’s Love, an album inspired by Yuri genre Doujinshi as well as Mahuo Shoujo manga (“Magical Girl” themed stories) under his new alias GHOST DATA. His track Lily Love, a beautiful and lush collaboration with fellow producer Kaivaan, would soon be posted on Reddit’s most popular music discovery subbreddit “Listen To This”, where it would reach over 100,000 plays in a matter of days.

More success would come with Future Bass inspired track Sushi Roll, directly supported by EDM giant Slushii on his BBC Radio 1 premiere (Diplo & Friends)

GHOST DATA continues to produce electronic music with his fan christened “Dreamsynth” styling, unyielding in his pursuit to create beautiful, lush, and emotional pieces that whisper the story of The Shepherdess.