Jacobi Isham is a Hip Hop artist by the name of Fresh, or Fresh Air. Born and raised in Lawton, Oklahoma, Fresh now resides in OKC, OK and has been writing Hip Hop music since 2006 at the age of 16. Among passions, Hip Hop takes center stage for Fresh, who is also interested in business and other forms of art. In Fresh’s words, there’s only one thing to know about him, and that’s that he’s from Lawton. Fresh’s sound has been connected to the likes of Jay-Z, Big KRIT, and J. Cole. Influenced heavily by Bob Marley, Jay-Z, Steve Jobs, and Warren Buffett along with other artists, activists, moguls and revolutionaries, Fresh’s style can seem like a juxtaposition against the status quo found both in the mainstream and underground. After graduating college and moving on from basketball, Fresh is poised to continue his growth and impact by discovering more and more of himself in Hip Hop while using his developments to inspire others as he has been by them. Peace, purpose, and growth.